Indigo! in the garden!

My friend Pauline came over today and we dyed INDIGO in the garden. Oh my gosh!  we were tired at the end, way beyond what we thought we should be!  Maybe we are just getting old.

I mixed up a 12 gallon vat, using pre-reduced Indigo from Pro Chem,  mixed with Thiox and Soda Ash.  I had heard that there is far more foam with soda ash…YES, there is much more foam.

We were careful to squeeze our dyed goods over another vat, so that the oxidized indigo could be saved without messing up the primary vat.  Even the saved indigo foamed!



I dyed grey Corriedale fleece from Strawberry hill Farm and various yarns that needed help. I dyed some lingerie from an estate sale and I dyed more of the Kristallnacht backdrop.


This vat, following the directions from Pro Chem, was a much deeper blue than we used in Dagmar Klos’ class. A one minute soak for the wool yarn, gave a good medium blue. Silk was almost intantaneous.  Linen went deep blue very quickly.

Managing the scum was difficult. We kept removing it to the side vats…but even so, we had plenty of spots.

We only worked, maybe, 2 to 3 hours and felt like we had been hauling rocks all day.

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