Handspun yarn, indigo dyed in the locks


In the Indigo class with Dagmar Klos, I dyed grey Corriedale locks and white Romney locks.  Last night I carded them together and today I spun them.  The fiber was tacky…I couldn’t remember how I had cleaned the Romney, nor could I remember if I had washed after the Indigo dying session…Ah the trials of age!

My hands were coated with blue when I had finished spinning!  So, the question of cleaning after dying was answered.  The somewhat tacky fiber was still quite easy to spin.  I spun it long draw, lumps and all.  There were a few short cuts that added “texture.”

Cameras and monitors cannot show the variations well, but the yarn is just lovely, with lighter blue Romney and steel blue Corriedale, with the overall color being a denim with a greenish cast.  The luster of the longwool shows  through well.  The yarn, when first spun, felt pretty harsh…from the alkaline Indigo.  But after a very thorough washing and a hair conditioner treatment, it has a much softer hand.

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Sue's Luxury Fiber: fiber for the spinner, felter, weaver & knitter.
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