Indigo transformations

Probably ten years ago now, I  transformed a room into an installation entitled Kristallnacht: the bystanders ( you can learn more about it  under installations at this link).  It was an overwhelming project that enlisted the help and support of many hands. A whole room was clothed in distressed muslin…yards and yards of  muslin with the lists of concentration camps written in fabric marker.  The muslin was then died with various Procion dyes ( or was it RIT?), thrown in the yard and distressed further with shellac and powdered graphite.  I diligently saved all the pieces and parts, thinking I would mount this again.


But, NO.  I have come to  the conclusion that it would be just too hard physically and emotionally.  I cannot do it again. I lived in the study of evil for over a  year to do this project and it hurt me.  So, NO.


So this past weekend, I began dyeing the muslin.  I do have plans for it…perhaps another installation dealing with the willingness to pretend that evil does not exist…big band music, glittering lights, dancing dresses….But these things take tremendous amounts of time to percolate, compost and ferment.  So, in the meantime, here is the resulting cloth!

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