More low cost luxury at the Fiber Fair

Luxury is always a relative term!  The handspun yarns I have selected for the Fiber Fair are lush, beautiful, often indigo dyed and very time consuming. The hourly rate for producing them is so pitiful that I can hardly bear to think about it. ( Try less than 50 cents per hour? maybe?) So their price labels reflect many hours of pleasure at incredibly low rates of pay!  Because it is so much fun!

Blue Faced Leicester/ Tussah blend

But the spinning/felting fibers?  The most expensive 2 ounce braid is $9!  Now that is low cost luxury!

Some of my favorite BLF/Tussah

What’s Tussah?  That SILK! Yum!  BFL, or blue faced leicester is a soft, llustrous, surprisingly springy long wool.  So combine silk with that wool and you get softness that is close to merino with drape!

About Sue's Luxury Fiber

Sue's Luxury Fiber: fiber for the spinner, felter, weaver & knitter.
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