Some new wool, some new color, some new texture

Medium hand grey wool, looking like granite

I got a new bump of open grey wool from R.H.Lindsay.  It is a cool grey this time.  In the past it has come in more beige.  Why  the change?  R.H.Lindsay sources wool from all over, mixes it, and turns out 22 pound bumps of roving…so the colors and textures will shift from batch to batch.  This stuff is lovely!  At first, because of its openness, I thought it a bit rough.  But, NO…it actually is about a smooth as the usual wool I work with for the bulk of my dying. It would make good socks( nice long lock length for strength)  and lovely sweaters with good stitch definition.

Come see it at the Fiber Fair.  I think I packed about 20 braids!   I think the colors look stone like.  What do you think?

About Sue's Luxury Fiber

Sue's Luxury Fiber: fiber for the spinner, felter, weaver & knitter.
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