A slow start to a Great Hayride!

Sorry I have been incognito!  It’s been crazy busy around here, what with family obligations, Shepherd’s Harvest, building renovation and, for a while now, physical therapy for an ailing back! OUCH!  

Shepherd’s Harvest Festival was  as great as usual, a wonderful way to spend Mother’s Day weekend.  This year the weather cooperated unusually well…sunny and warm both days.  I barely sat down either day.  I did manage to exit the festival with no new fleeces…but not everyone did so.

Tonight is  the second week of HAYRIDE!  a post festival class, at the Weaver’s Guild of Minnesota, for people who bought fleeces learn how to prepare them…especially those pesky ones that suddenly reveal themselves to be full of grass and hay.

Last week we investigated hand held combs. Image

 This week we move on to stationery combs.Image

And the blending hackleImage


Next week is consolidation and completion…perfecting technique with the combs that work best for the particular fleeces people are struggling with.

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2 Responses to A slow start to a Great Hayride!

  1. nic says:

    Working with English Worsted Wool combs Peter Teal Design from Wingham Wool. Falkland Merino..2 fleece giving about 10lb short fibre +noils for 2lb long fibre slivers on first combing.
    After use the combs feel like a toy only being able to do 20mg at a time…I need eight row longer larger combs..any ideas if where I can get them?

    • I think Peter Teal combs are about the longest you will find, if you find any at all. The old combs were heavier, longer tined and maybe could have handled more wool. But,the amount of fiber you can realistically comb at a pass is small, no matter what. The wool explodes into available space with the first pass of the combs. More pitches (rows of tines) means more “waste,” finer, silkier sliver, not more output. Save the “waste” for felting or stuffing pillows. Good luck.

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