Happy Hapazome

Hapazome, if I even remotely spelled it correctly, is surprisingly easy.  I place coleos leaves and mystery leaves between layers of silk that had been soaked in Soy Milk and dried.  I then pounded the leaves with a rubber mallet until they released their color.  I have no idea what the spear shaped leaf is, but is is beautiful.  Time will tell how permanent  the images will be…probably somewhat fugitive.  I will not wash this for several weeks, at least!  Can anyone identify this leaf?

This just one of the techniques that we will explore in HOME BREW a new class I am developing for the Weaver’s Guild of Minnesota.  This course is developed to give fiber artists an overview of dyeing fiber at home.  We will cover kitchen waste, Kool-aid, acid dyes, Procion cold water dyes, and, hopefully, a bit of indigo just for the fun of it.  The emphasis will be on how to set up a dye studio with what you have. How to do it safely. And, of course, to have lots of fun.  The class will meet in my studio, September 29 and October 6, from 10 am -4pm.  Stay tuned.  I’ll add more samples.

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Sue's Luxury Fiber: fiber for the spinner, felter, weaver & knitter.
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