I’m up to scarf #9…perhaps on schedule?

corriedale and lincoln cross

Open weave scarf, #4, corriedale and lincoln cross. lightly fulled.

Scarf 8.1

Scarf #8, handspun suri llama, medium wool, quiviut and rambouillet.

scarf 6

linen warp, wild batt weft

Scarf 8

Scarf #8

Scarf 7.1

Gideon sitting on scarf #7

scarf 9.1

Gideon modeling scarf #9

scarf 9.2

Gideon helping with scarf #9

I have been busily spinning and weaving in the evenings.  I had decided to weave a scarf a week….I am up to scarf #9. I think that is about on schedule…not that anyone is counting.

Scarf #4 is my favorite so far. It retains  the liveliness of the original fleeces that I washed and prepped.  The lincoln was spun off of mini combs.  The corriedale was spun long draw from batts.



I am still seeking Log Cabin weave.  I am not very interested, at this time, in precise weave structures.  I just want to follow the weave where my spirit takes me.  But, I have been fascinated with the light and shadow of a good log cabin weave.  So far, I have not succeeded…but I did do this lovely asymetric plaid in scarf #8!




Scarf #6 and #7 are hard to tell apart.  They each have a linen warp and a wild batt single weft.  One is more blue and one is more lavender.  Gideon preferred the purple.









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