Right Shoulder Redemption?

It looks like not such a big deal, this incision site.  But I have learned that rotator cuff surgery is major and requires a major commitment of healing time and physical therapy time.  Add to that a ruptured tendon in the same side wrist….well, you get the picture.  Not a lot of wool work is happening here.Right Shoulder Seven weeks post surgery, I am able to spin on my Hansen electric a little bit every couple of days. I cannot yet do any dying because I cannot lift the dye pots…not even when they are empty!  I don’t know when the lifting of the dye pots will resume. I hope by October. The recovery from any rotator cuff surgery runs between 4 and 6 months.  For those of you in and around the Twin Cities:  I still have roving in stock, dyed and un-dyed.  You can contact me to make appointments as the Monday hours at the studio have had to give way to the hours required in the physical therapy gym.  A selection of my dyed fibers are also available at Steven Be Design and at the Textile Center.

About Sue's Luxury Fiber

Sue's Luxury Fiber: fiber for the spinner, felter, weaver & knitter.
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