The garden comes to a book


Covers of garden book

 Today, as the culmination of a multi day process, I immersed a book in a cutch and logwood bath and removed magic!

2 days ago, I applied either milk or soda ash mordant to a variety of scraps of cloth: linen, cotton, nylon, mystery cloth. The next day I stitched that cloth to a large sheet of watercolor paper.  I then coated the watercolor paper with milk.  when that was dry I cut it down into 12 folios.  On the third day I bound it, coptic style.

Today I filled the pages with garden treasure: lupine, indigo, coral bell, St. John’s Wort, mint, rhododendron, sunflower petals, cone flower petals, yarrow leaf, dried rose petals, bark, rusty bits and a bit of lichen. The pages were alternately moistened with copper mordant or iron mordant. I wrapped it in perforated galvanized metal and white linen, bundling it tightly with waxed nylon thread.  Into a pot of cutch and logwood it went, simmering for 2 hours.  Magic!


IMG_2182 Interior page

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