Holiday Spinning

Xmas Rare Fleece

My son sent me a rare breed box from Namaste Farms for Christmas this year. Ryeland, Boreray, southdown, Manx Loughtan, Black Welsh Mountain.  I washed them all immediately.  They were of varying quality…short cuts, some scurf, stuff…but the Boreray!  Oh My! It was beautiful!

Boreray Locks

 The locks were long, with a similar spade shape to Icelandic.  Like a fine Icelandic, it had 2 coats.  The undercoat was skin soft.  The outer coat was sleek.  I spun samples of the coats separately but decided in the end that it was just fine spun together.

I spun off my Alvin Ramer mini combs.

You can see that there is some color variation in the fleece.  In general, it was creamy with bits of grey.  A lovely little yarn ensued.

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