More holiday spinning

Not that I actually get a vacation!  ( See the Susan Hensel Art blog )

Xmas Rare Fleece

So, you remember the rare breed box my son sent me for Christmas?  See the lovely, light brown fleece in the upper right corner?   That is Ryeland.   It is a warm brown with blond tips, blocky, springy, fine locks.


I made handcarded rolags and spun it longdraw, making a super soft, super elastic skein of yarn.  There were a fair number of short cuts that I chose to put up with.  (The perils of ordering from overseas.)  It is still a lovely skein of yarn.


Now I am working on the Manx Loughtan.  I did not wash it enough.  It is still quite greasy, but drafting well.  It, too, was less than optimum in the shearing department, but is, on the otherhand, uncommonly fine.

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