Holiday spinning of rare fibers

I carded and spun the Manx Loughtan.  It was full of second cuts, but spun up to be a lovely, springy little skein.  The close up shows the richness of the coloration.

Manx Loughtan close-up

Believe it or not, I combed this Southdown.  The fleece was very short, very tender, noilly and full of chaff.  So, combs it was!  The white is so soft and tender that I think is was from a lamb.  I had about 50% loss, but it was worth it.

I had started with hand cards, hence the noils.  I then proceeded through fine Viking combs followed by my Alvin Ramer minis. It was so dense and straight on the combs that it was still a bit hard to spin.   The locks were clearly a very even length.  The combs looked like a Fuller brush! It turned into a clean, nice yarn.  The white is still springy.  The dark brown lost some of its elasticity.   

combed southdown

combed southdown

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