Sometimes you just have to MAKE STUFF!

I have been working and working on learning the Windows platform, taking classes online on the new embroidery software and studying the properties of thread through various sources.  After awhile, though I am an enthusiastic student,  SOMETIMES YOU JUST GOTTA’  MAKE STUFF!

I bought a new book on machine embroidery for crazy quilting.  Evidently I am making coasters and placemats in my spare time;-)  The piecing happens in the hoop.  There is not a lot of original work here:  I chose the cloth from my stash of weird little bits and pieces.  I chose the threads and did minor editing of the provided designs.  BUT, I learned how piecing works for crazy quilts…and the embroidery machine makes it so easy.  If I want to change the piecing design, it is straightforward digitizing, well within my skill set.

crazy quilt 1 crazy quilt blue crazy quilt brown crazy quilt green crazy quilt purple crazy quilt red silk

About Sue's Luxury Fiber

Sue's Luxury Fiber: fiber for the spinner, felter, weaver & knitter.
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